Review|The Death Club Review+ Giveaway

Title: The Death Club

Author: Susanne Valenti and Caroline Peckham

Release Date: March 15th 2021

Series: Dead Men Walking #1

Genre: Dark Romance

Chaos. Carnage. Killing.

The three Cs that make my life complete.

I know killing technically doesn’t start with a C – but wouldn’t life be better if it did? Just like it would be better if the Devil was my boyfriend, Santa wasn’t a d*ck and I didn’t live under a bridge.

I wished for my life to get better, but it didn’t. I was kidnapped, sold, sold again, stuck in a death game, sold AGAIN and now I’m living in a serial killer’s basement.

Oh and there’s another dude down here who lives in a cage and doesn’t talk. I call him Dead Man on account of his soulless eyes. He either wants to kiss me or choke me out. I can’t decide which I want most.

Anyways, my hot, tattooed, muscular insane Irish captor thinks I might make a good hit woman once he trains me up. Which is a freaking insult by the way as I’m already the best killer in town. Ask anyone. Except the cops. Don’t ask them or they’ll send me back to that creepy asylum where they gave me the crazy pills. But shh, that’s a secret.

Want to know another one? I quite like it here. Every day is anarchy and that’s my favourite flavour.

So I think I’m gonna join The Death Club and let my freak flag fly.

So it’s official. Susanne and Caroline can write anything and I will love it.

The Death Club follows three characters: Brooklyn, Niall, and Mateo. All different but all have one thing in common. They’re a bit…psycho. All three have demons from their past and all three handle them the same way( the stabby way). If you’ve read The Brutal Boys’ of Everlake Prep you will have already been introduced to Niall. Funny and a tad deranged. Mateo is Niall’s prisoner, also a bit crazy. and Brooklyn has an innocence to her but also a murdery side so those clash quite humorously.

“I don’t die on the ground like a pigeon fallen from its perch, I die like a warrior with fire blazing all around me and the whole world roaring my name!

When Brooklyn finds herself captured by some bad guys, little do the bad guys know that she is even worse than them. Taken to some crazy club where rich people pay to see unseemly things, Brooklyn is put in an arena to fight to the death. It’s here that Niall first lays eyes on her. Feeling drawn to her type of crazy, Niall decides to find out what she’s made of and buys her freedom. Going from one cage to another does not make a happy Brooklyn. Until the promise of Coco Pops are thrown in the mix. And a broody, mysterious man locked up with her. The three of them are all set on slaying their demons. Brooklyn wants to make her assaultees pay and Mateo hates his captor with every fibre of his being especially when Niall locks Brooklyn up too. Niall, broken after losing his wife, just doesn’t care about anyone anymore. Until Brooklyn comes into both their lives and shakes things up.

“Ah well, like the last greatest Irish man I ever knew once said to me: all is fair in death and chaos- and if my time has come to pass, let me go with a blade in my hand, and without any class. My great uncle had technically been insane, but I felt he made plenty of good points.”

And boy is there death and chaos in this. and lots of insanity.

I give this 5 out of 5 stabby stars. Is it next year yet so I can get my hands on the sequel?!?!?!

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