Blog Tour | A Curse Of Gold Review

Hi everyone! Today is my stop on the book tour for A Curse of Gold by Annie Sullivan, book 2 in The Touch of Gold duology. Keep reading for my thoughts on this sequel and be sure to check out my instagram for a giveaway (US only)

Title: A Curse of Gold

Author: Annie Sullivan

Genre: YA Fantasy

Publisher: BLINK YA

Series: A Touch of Gold

Synopsis:Curses and queens. Pirates and kings. Gods and magic. The final saga of a princess cursed by Midas’s touch, a vengeful Greek god, and a dazzling kingdom in the balance.
After barely surviving thieving, bloodthirsty pirates and a harrowing quest at sea to retrieve her stolen treasure, Kora finds readjusting to palace life just as deadly. Her people openly turn against her, threatening to overthrow her as heir to the throne due to fear of her magical powers. When Dionysus puts out a challenge to kill the girl with the golden touch and burn down her kingdom, it’s not just her future on the throne in danger. Kora’s life and entire kingdom are now on contract.
With no other choice, Kora sets out to find Dionysus, journeying to the mysterious disappearing island of Jipper. If she wants to save her kingdom and have any chance at reversing her father’s curse, she will have to enter into a deadly game with Dionysus, the greatest trickster the world, or the underworld, has ever seen.

A Curse of Gold is the sequel to A Touch of Gold, a fun retelling of the legend of King Midas. The first book and this follows the story of King Midas’ daughter, Kora. Book two picks up where the first book ended.

So I am absolute trash for retellings. I love em. Gimmie gimmie gimmie. I think the story of King Midas is such an interesting story so I jumped at the chance to dive into this retelling. Whereas book one fell a little flat to me with the building of the story I really felt there was nice improvement in book two.

Old faces return and we are also gifted some new characters(Poseidon and Triton, say whaaaat) Kora is once more thrust into an adventure, this time to find the trickster god, Dionysus so she can save her kingdom.

A Curse of Gold was an entertaining read. There’s plenty of action in this, a teensy bit of romance, and intriguing adventure all around. This was an overall great conclusion to the duology. While there were a few things here and there that could be improved upon, I enjoyed this and am sad we won’t get anymore Kora. I am giving it a 3.75 out of 5 stars.

Many thanks to TLC Book Tours and Blink YA for having me on this tour! All thoughts and opinions are my own


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