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Hi all!! Today I’m excited to share with you my thoughts on Soul of Cinder by Bree Barton! Keep reading for my thoughts, favorite quotes, and a giveaway!

Title: Soul of Cinder (Heart of Thorns #3)
by Bree Barton
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Release Date: January 12th 2021
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

The Twisted Sisters are coming home.
Prince Quin has returned to the river kingdom, ready to spearhead a rebellion and
reclaim the throne. He vows to destroy Mia, Pilar, and Angelyne if they oppose
him—even if he must use his newfound magic to set the world aflame.
Across the four kingdoms, the elements have been tipped askew. Volcanoes erupt,
glaciers collapse, and cities sink into the western sands. After losing Angie, Mia and
Pilar journey to the glass kingdom to seek help, though soon their fragile bonds of
sisterhood begin to fray. Mia’s sensations are creeping back, and with them, a deep
and searing grief. Pilar, terrified of being broken, once again seeks comfort in her
fists. But when they hear rumors of a misty island that promises to erase all pain,
they suddenly find themselves with an answer—if they are willing to pay the cost.
As tensions mount, the sisters are drawn back to the river kingdom for a final
reckoning with the boy they each loved. The shattering conclusion to Bree Barton’s
Heart of Thorns trilogy challenges why we grieve, whom we love—and how to mend
a broken heart.

Soul of Cinder is the third and final book in the Heart of Thorns trilogy so obviously spoiler warning if you haven’t read the previous two although I will try to keep my review mostly spoiler free just in case!

In Soul of Cinder we see the return of Quinn, Mia, and Pilar with the POV shifting between the three. The three of them are all struggling with their own demons while on their journey of discovering who they are and their place in the world. They are dealing with the aftermath of trauma and learning how to heal. I felt their development as characters was pretty well done. Mia is still my absolute favorite character but Quinn is a close second. I love Brees writing style and the way she can bring this crazy intricate world to life. Her feminist themes that are entwined through the whole story was empowering and fun to read.

I felt this to be a decent conclusion to the series overall. Out of the whole trilogy, I will say the first book was my and favorite out of the three but it tied together in Soul of Cinder. I am giving this a 3.75 out of 5 stars.Just a few things here and there that I wish were different or else it’d probably be a solid 4/5 stars.

Thank you to Favourite Pages Book Club for including me on the tour! E-Arc provided in exchange for honest review.

Favorite Quotes

“ Love should always be allowed to grow, between whom ever chose to grow it. All that mattered was how well you tended it.”

“Now with more distance-and less raw fury/ she understood Quinn had been used, too. Pilar had blamed the victim for the crime.”

“Trust your heart.”

“Love is what happens when two people come together as equals, each with their own painful history and gifts and failings, neither of them needing to be saved.”

“Maybe that was how it felt to have a sister. To be seen, known, loved, exactly how you were.”

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Bree Barton is a writer in Los Angeles. When she’s not lost in whimsy, she works as
a ghostwriter and dance teacher to teen girls. She is on Instagram and YouTube as
Speak Breely, where she posts funny videos of her melancholy dog.
Bree is not a fan of corsets.

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