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Title: Below(North #1)

by Alexandria Warwick

Publisher: Wolf PublishingRelease

Date: February 4th2020

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

Synopsis: From the author of The Demon Race comes a YA dark fantasy series inspiredby Inuit mythology.In the heart of the frigid North, there lives a demon known as the Face Stealer. Eyes,nose, mouth—nothing and no one is safe. Once he returns to his lair, or wherever itis he dwells, no one ever sees those faces again.When tragedy strikes, Apaay embarks on a perilous journey to find her sister’s face—yet becomes trapped in a labyrinth ruled by a sinister girl namedYuki. The girl offersApaay a deal: find her sister’s face hidden within the labyrinth, and she will be setfree. But the labyrinth, and those who inhabit it, is not as it seems. EspeciallyNumiak: darkly beautiful, powerful, whose motives are not yet clear.With time slipping, Apaay is determined to escape the deadly labyrinth with hersister’s face in hand. But in Yuki’s harsh world, Apaay will need all her strength tosurvive.Yuki only plays the games she wins.






Below is based on Inuit Mythology and takes place in the Arctic. While out hunting for her family the day, Apaay learns that dusaster has struck and her sisters face has been stolen by a demon. Apaay decides to track the demon down and get her sisters face back before it is gone forever.

This was such a unique premise! I’ve never read any books inspired by Inuit mythology and I found it all to be so fascinating. I liked all the characters in it, especially Apaay, our MC. Her growth in this was ah👏maz👏ing👏 I was not sure how much I liked her when the story first started but as she begins the trials of the labyrinth our girl really starts to grow on you. While I enjoyed almost all aspects of the story I think the one part I was not a fan of was the repetition that goes on. Apaay spends a lot of time walking by herself and talking with herself and it just felt monotonous. The world building was beautifully written and it felt like I was freezing my bum off in the chilly lands of the Arctic. Haunting and dark, I really enjoyed this story of the sisterly bond and how far one would go for her loved one. I will be eagerly looking forward to the next book in the series.

Alexandria Warwick is the #1 fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender. She is the authorof The Demon Race and the upcoming North series.







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