Review | The Rise of Monsters

Title: The Rise of Monsters

Author: Brianna Jean

Series: Angelus Book #1

Release Date: January 15th 2020

Synopsis: ““What do you do when the world hardens you? When looking in the mirror becomes too painful and using your fists to let the anger breathe isn’t enough anymore? You either drown and die in your own bullshit or you fight to survive.”

Annalise. Lanier. Cabe. Quint.

One fought underground to make money in the slums of New York City. One lived with crippling guilt, swimming in self-hatred. Another fell in love with a ghost, losing himself to his dedication, while the last spent centuries alone, fighting for control of his own mind.

Unforeseen circumstances bring the four of them together, sparking to life an unwanted bond, igniting new and foreign power in their veins, and bringing forth more questions than answers.
Thrown into a game they don’t want to play, they’ll have to rely on each other to find the truth.

Angels. Demons. A war for Human territory.

From the ashes of their pasts, monsters will rise.

My thoughts

“She was going to kill me. Her very existence shattered me eleven years ago, but now? I was a goner. I was her captive and she didn’t even know it.”

The Rise of Monsters is a gritty, dark romance and the first book in The Angelus series. I was completely drawn in from the very first page. Annalisse has been through so much in her 21 years and because of this, has become a tough, fierce, lady who doesn’t let anybody in. She is just trying to get through life when one night changes everything. The night Lanier, Cabe, and Quint came into her life. Now she’s thrown into a world with real monsters( not just the ones she dealt with growing up) . Each of the boys have their own connection with Annalisse and don’t want her out of their sight but Anna just wants to get her old life back.

“Life handed me wings and fangs. If I had to, I’d turn them into weapons and see how much damage they could do.”

The boys in this are all bad bois but with such sweet, soft sides I just wanted to give them all a big hug. There was lots of twists and turns that will leave you guessing at every corner. Also, there’s a crazy cliffhanger at the end. You will probably screech when it happens. I was already starting to guess what was going to happen and then I was right and couldn’t believe it!  I loved the authors witty humor throughout! The plot was well thought out and not too much information dumps going on. Each characters goes through their own form of growth once Annalisse comes into their life and vice versa and I loved the point of view changes throughout that gave little peaks inside each ones minds.  I am not so patiently waiting on the next two books in the series to come out! (still screeching from that cliffhanger tbh)

4 out of 5 stars

*e-ARC provided in exchange for honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks to the author for the early review copy!



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