Review: Untamed by Madeline Dyer

Untamed by Madeline Dyer is a YA Dystopian novel and the first of the Untamed series.

In the not so distant future, the world is divided into two groups. The Enhanced, humans who have become addicted to taking chemical augmenters that take away all negative traits and feelings that humans possess, and the Untamed, the remaining humans who have yet been converted. Set on converting all Untamed to be Enhanced, the Untamed are forced to live on the move so as not to be caught and have their humanity stripped from them.

Growing up constantly on the run from the Enhanced, Seven knows just how destructive these artificial emotions are and has seen first-hand the damage it’s done to loved ones. When Seven is taken and converted by the Enhanced, she finds herself addicted to the augmenters herself. Once finally rescued and returned back to her group, she finds herself constantly craving the augmenters and the sense of security(even knowing it wasn’t real) she felt when with the Enhanced.  Struggling to remember who she is and what she’s meant to be, Seven finds herself conflicted with choosing the easy way and being Enhanced and choosing the difficult way of being Untamed.

My thoughts

I looooooove dystopian books and the plot of this was so interesting! The heroine is so realistic and imperfect that it makes her very relatable. This was a very fast-moving, very action-packed novel(almost too fast and action-packed, is that a thing? I don’t know) with some pretty good twists. There were ,however, some aspects that I found to be fairly confusing, such as the whole deal with the spirits and the constant back and forth from reality and Seven’s visions. Overall, I am excited to read what else happens to Seven and Corin and everyone else. Bring on the next book!

4 out of 5 stars.jpg

*I received this book for free from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*

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