ARC Review| Elements of Faith

Title: Elements of Faith

Author: Isabella Phoenix

Release Date: January 22, 2021

Genre: Fantasy


“Run! Run faster than you’ve ever done before.”

My entire life, I’d been trained for one thing, and that was to grow up and become a suitable wife to a respectable businessman. One day I woke up and everything was perfect, just as it had always been. The next, well, everything took a sharp turn for the worst.

I was forced to run away from the only home I’d known. I was coerced into leaving my dying parents at the scene of a crime. That night, I ran harder than I ever had before. My only goal was to get somewhere safe, but that turned out to be more than I ever bargained for.

I stumbled across a massive secret that threatened to shake my very existence…


A routine call to investigate a deadly crash ended up taking a sinister turn, unravelling into a conspiracy which sucked me into its murky depths.

Whispers of women being captured without a trace become too loud to ignore when I stumble onto the scene. The more I unravel, the more I’m pulled into the darkness.

When my questions earn the wrong attention, I must fight to protect what I believe in before it’s too late

Elements of Faith is Isabella Phoenix’s debut novel. It takes off immediately with action that draws you into the storyline. Faith has been in a devastating car accident alongside her parents. Her mothers last words were telling her to run and not stop until she reaches a river. Faith obliges and once reaching the river, a secret comes to light that completely shifts everything Faith was raised to know.

Logan is the officer sent to investigate the crash that Faith was involved in. But upon arriving at the scene, he discovers that someone did a very good job at trying to cover up what happened. Now Logan finds his world being upturned as he soon begins to discover that nothing is as he thought.

Elements of Faith shifts back and forth between Logan and Faiths perspective. I for one am a huge fan of multiple POV so this was a big yaas for me. Faith starts out being an innocent, naïve character due to her upbringing. As the story progressed she began to plant her feet down and not take crap from people. Logan is tough, determined cop whose curiosity lands him in heaps of trouble. I wish the two of them could have had a bit more character development but I’m hoping book two will bring that. Book 1 seemed to really be focusing on world building and creating the magic system that exists in this world and introducing the characters in the story. Besides the two MC’s we are also treated to some amazing side characters. I’m eager to see where Avery and Faiths relationship goes as well as what’s up with Gage and Hunter. Amaya and Logan were such Alphas but I love them together and can’t wait to see how it goes between the two of them. All the side characters were entertaining to learn about though!

I enjoyed reading this! My only complaint is the speed of the book. It felt rushed at times. I think the storyline was pretty unique and I enjoyed reading about the magic system. There was twists and turns and secrets! And that ending! I can’t wait for Faith to find out. I am looking forward to what’s next for Faith and Logan. I am giving this a 4 out of 5 stars.

Thanks to TalkNerdy2Me and the Author for an ARC of Elements of Faith! All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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